From the Father Says Today by Russ Walden

The Father says today that My love for you is a love that reaches and rescues you. I am your refuge says the Father and I am your rescue from all the threats of the enemy. I know your longing and your desires. I know that which your eyes have longed to see and that hope for which your heart has been famished in waiting for. Receive the witness of My Spirit today that says “all is well…”
All is well says the Father! All is well for My love is undiminished. All is well for My hand is unrestrained. All is well for you are not forgotten and you are not set aside. Find rest for your soul and allow forgiveness to come. Allow wounding – every wound to be mended and made whole. This is My love and My care for you oh My beloved.

From the 6/6/14 Daughters of the Lion of Judah meeting


Last night at our DOTLOJ meeting we got into the discussion about intimacy with the Lord and what that really means from us. (this is a brief summary) Coming to that place of intimacy with Him, can at times not be that easy because it means coming to that place of being vulnerable. From the earthly standpoint we have all been hurt when we have allowed ourselves to be vulnerable before “man” and to prevent that from happening we have “guarded” our hearts by putting up walls; some walls we have gotten so used to having we forget that they are even there, until the Lord wants to deal with them so that we are able to draw closer to Him.

Intimacy means coming before Him with a shattered heart. Psalm 51:17 from the Passion translation reads: ” The fountain of Your pleasure is found in the sacrifice of my shattered heart before You. You will not despise my tenderness as I humbly bow down at Your feet”. Shattered doesn’t necessarily mean hurt and wounded. I believe shattered means totally opened, totally surrendered, no pride, teachable, moldable. But to have that shattered heart means we have heard His knock at the door and have opened and welcomed Him in. (Rev 3:20). Nothing hidden and closed off to His tender healing touch. In this state of vulnerability He will protect us for the enemy would like to see us vulnerable too. A shattered heart means a heart that is willing to be purified so that to be with Him with a pure heart and drawn into even deeper intimacy than we could even imagine possible. But we can’t do that purification process ourselves but God in His passionate love for us and His passion desire for us to be so deeply intimate with Him will purify our hearts for us so that He can then draw us closer to Him. But coming before Him with a shattered heart is not a one time thing it is a daily thing just because we walk in the world on a daily basis.

But in that place of deep intimacy comes a clean heart, renewed daily passion for Him, healing, breakthrough- ( I love the verse from Psalm 51:12 from TPT- Let the passion of my life be restored, tasting joy in every breakthrough You bring to me. Give me more of Your Holy Spirit wind so that I may stand strong and true to you!), revelation of the authority we have, being saturated with the fragrance of heaven so much that people around us will smell it and wonder where that sweet beautiful fragrance is coming from (yes even men can wear it!), and the glow of being in His presence all over us (as Moses had when He went into the meeting tent or I personally think it was more of the Lord’s marriage tent) so much so that the world will see that light and as we walk down the street even our shadows will have the power of that glow and people will be healed. And the Kingdom of God will be advanced.

We need that deep, deep, deep level of intimacy and it is worth contending for, going beyond all that could stand in our way and even God will remove those things for us if we are willing. Intimacy with Him is worth fighting through the fears and the hurt to be truthful with Him. Now coming before Him with a shattered heart means something totally different- Lord here I am totally surrendered , come touch me where I need to be touched, heal me where I need to be healed, turn my world upside down and inside out, mess me up in Your Love- so are you ready to bow before Him with a totally shattered heart?

From Al Hauck 6/8/14

I have great news for you! Today is the first, most important, day of the rest of your life! Each day and every moment you can choose your response to the good, the bad and the ugly situations and circumstances that confront you! At all times and in every place let the praises of God rise up in you, so that your lips fill the air with the testimony of His great love! (Psalm 34:1)

From Al Hauck 6/7/14

Your intimacy with the Lord prepares a sanctuary for your soul, a place of security, freedom and healing. As you pursue His abiding Presence, Holy Spirit hovers over you and hides you in His shadow, and in the place of refuge you hear the shout that brings your escape for the accuser. Run to the Lord and let Him sing over you! (Psalm 32:7)

From Al Hauck 6/5/14

You were created in righteousness for the Father’s glory, and He restores – returns your soul to right standing with Him. This requires relationship, you walking with God and Holy Spirit setting the path. As you walk with Him, the Maker’s name tag on you is restored and you carry His authority to manifest Heaven on Earth! (Psalm 23:3)